Prayer is a fundamental skill in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) that plays a crucial role in combat, quests, and overall gameplay. Training Prayer can be both time-consuming and resource-intensive, making it essential to have a well-structured plan. The OSRS Prayer Calculator is a valuable tool that assists players in efficiently leveling their Prayer skill while managing costs and maximizing experience gains.

In this article, we delve into the intricacies of the OSRS Prayer Calculator, offering a comprehensive guide for players seeking to optimize their Prayer training.

Understanding the OSRS Prayer Calculator

What is the OSRS Prayer Calculator?

The OSRS Prayer Calculator is a tool designed to help players determine the most efficient and cost-effective methods for training the Prayer skill. It considers various factors such as experience rates, prayer restoration items, bones or ashes used,

and associated costs. By inputting specific parameters like the player’s current Prayer level, desired target level, and preferred training method, the calculator generates a personalized plan to achieve the set goals.

How does the OSRS Prayer Calculator work?

The calculator employs algorithms based on experience rates and item usage to estimate the number of bones or ashes required to reach the desired Prayer level. It factors in different training methods, such as using different types of bones on altars,

gilded altars with or without lit burners, or the use of the Ectofuntus. The resulting calculation provides a breakdown of the necessary items and the estimated cost or time needed for the training.

Where can players access the OSRS Prayer Calculator?

Various fan-made OSRS tools and websites host Prayer Calculators that are readily available online. These calculators typically allow users to input their parameters and receive personalized training plans and estimates.

Efficient Training Methods Using the OSRS Prayer Calculator

Gilded Altars with Lit Burners

Gilded altars, found in the player-owned house (POH), combined with lit burners offer one of the most efficient methods for Prayer training. Players can use different types of bones on these altars, gaining boosted experience compared to burying bones. The Prayer Calculator assists in determining the number of bones required for a specific target level and estimates the associated costs.

Chaos Altar and Wilderness Training

For players seeking more risk and potential reward, the Chaos Altar in the Wilderness offers increased experience rates when using bones on it. The Prayer Calculator can help assess the number of bones needed and the potential risk involved due to the Wilderness location.

Ectofuntus Method

The Ectofuntus, located in Morytania, is an alternative method for Prayer training. Using buckets of slime and bones on the Ectofuntus grants Prayer experience. The calculator aids in planning the number of buckets of slime and bones required for a targeted level.

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1. What are the best bones to use for efficient Prayer training?

  • Generally, higher-tier bones such as dragon bones or superior dragon bones offer greater Prayer experience per bone compared to lower-tier bones like bones or big bones. However, the choice depends on the player’s budget and preferences. The calculator helps determine the best bones based on experience rates and costs.

2. Is using the Chaos Altar in the Wilderness safe?

  • The Chaos Altar is located in the Wilderness, making it a risky area due to potential player-versus-player (PvP) encounters. Players should be cautious and prepared for potential attacks from other players when training at this location.

3. How accurate are the estimates provided by the OSRS Prayer Calculator?

  • The calculator’s estimates are based on known experience rates and item usage. While they provide a close approximation, actual results may vary due to player-specific factors such as clicking speed, interruptions, or fluctuating market prices for items.

4. Can the OSRS Prayer Calculator account for alternative training methods?

  • Yes, the calculator can consider various training methods like the Wilderness Altar, Quest Experience rewards, or specific minigames that grant Prayer experience. Users can input these methods to customize their training plans.

5. Is the OSRS Prayer Calculator free to use?

  • Yes, most versions of the OSRS Prayer Calculator available online are free to use. They offer valuable insights and planning tools for Prayer training without requiring any payment.


The OSRS Prayer Calculator is an invaluable resource for players aiming to efficiently train their Prayer skill. Whether using gilded altars, Wilderness altars, or the Ectofuntus, this tool aids in planning, estimating costs, and optimizing the Prayer training process.

By utilizing the calculator’s personalized guidance, players can effectively achieve their desired Prayer levels while managing resources and maximizing their gaming experience in Old School RuneScape.

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